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Developing the human capital in your business is the single most important investment in the innovation, sustainability and profitability of the enterprise. Ensuring your employees’ skills and knowledge are current, will give the company a competitive advantage through improving employee performance in supporting the business strategy and contributing positively to successful business outcomes. It increases job satisfaction and employee morale, whilst capacitating them to adopt new thinking and methodologies which best support the organisations mission, vision and values.




Strategic Alliances

Through our strategic alliances with accredited education practitioners, we offer innovative learning solutions as well as internships and learnerships. The Consultant Powerhouse (CP) and their the affiliation with global experts such as The Business of Trust, ensure we to stay abreast with the latest thinking in design and development of learning experiences, keeping them current, relevant and memorable. Offering innovative learning solutions in the fields of leadership development, women in leadership, business partnering, client engagement, sales effectiveness, customer service, relationship management, call Centre and office professionalism, personal mastery, team building and organisational culture.


Internships and Learnerships

Through our strategic partner we offer a Wide range of I Learnerships Accredited by Services SETA & CATHSETA & MERSETA & TETA  (SOUTH AFRICA) . Which include the following services:

  • If you don’t have the capacity to host the learners at your premises, we place learners for you at external companies to get their work experience
  • Psychometric Testing is done on all recruited learners
  • We have a database of all demographic learners and learners with a disability
  • We have a national footprint and can facilitate a learnership programme at your premises with a minimum of 8 learners in a group
  • We have a proud track record in partnering with a diverse range of companies

Our Methodology


Our facilitators, coaches and programme developers have post-graduate degrees, are multi-skilled and are drawn from diverse industries and demographic profiles.


Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which helps with the requirements of the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).


One-on-One and Group Coaching is offered throughout the duration of the programmes. In following the ADDIE process, all learning solutions are customised for the needs.

Our Training Model

Our course modules are designed as solid foundations on which we build tailored training solutions specifically for your business needs. Experience has thought us that no two businesses have the same needs, each is possessed of its own nuance which we glean through a comprehensive needs analysis to inform your unique program.

Our  accredited training modules and methodologies have been carefully developed for optimal cognitive tuning and receptivity, with measurable outcomes. Our blended learning technique is a collaborative process with our client in creating an engaging and enhanced learning experience, resulting in greater efficacy and productive outcomes. We take a strategic approach to ensure that global knowledge is adapted with relevance to the local market. We design and develop content specific to your business sector, and with direct relevance to your employees to enable the unlocking of pertinent human capital.

Our training programs inculcate competence, build capacity and instils confidence. By following the ADDIE approach of learning, each course focuses on the fundamental of each subject matter to bring an explicit understanding of the principles on which, the action is built and the purpose they are intended to achieve. This allows the individual to assimilate the thinking and apply it to their dealings to surpass expectations.

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